Bering Tenders is a subsidiary of the well-known steel explorer yachts builder Bering Yachts. Whether you are looking for composite or aluminum hulled recreational or professional rigid inflatable boat (RIB), Bering Tenders has perfect solution.

Bering Tenders officially presents world famous and award-winning RIB brands Aquaspirit and Hysucat. Both brands are your perfect solution for their: Durability, Efficiency, Affordability, Multipurpose and functionality.

Aquaspirit is the European based full circle production company that focuses on the highest quality recreational and professional aluminum RIBs that are true 4x4 of the seas. The company with over 15 years of experience builds robust and light tenders from 10 to 25 feet. The Aquaspirit boats line designed for various use such us recreational boating, professional services, or yacht tenders. SPIRIT models are true synergy of safety, quality and performance with a stunning design and innovation.

Hysucat is the well known composite catamaran-hulled RIB producer from 23 to 43 feet. The brand and producer are famous for the fast and efficient boats that utilize revolutionary hydrofoil technology. The unique technology utilized in Hysucat hulls construction is effective hydrofoil system installed in the tunnel between two hulls that lifts the boat above the water on the move. This reduces the wetted surface of the hull, which in turn makes the craft more efficient, much faster and allows the boat to run with less powerful engines than an equivalent-sized monohull.